The clinic

Located in Eltham, Suite 1, 741 Main Road, the clinic is in a great location with natural light and a relaxed atmosphere.  You will feel welcome and calm as soon as you enter our waiting room.  Bookings for myotherapy are via appointment only (no walk-ins).  The clinic hosts experienced therapists who collaborate whilst operating as individual businesses.


Myotherapy is the use of manual therapy techniques and advice to help address pain, tension or discomfort associated with muscular dysfunction.  Acute, chronic or referred pain from injuries and/or postural imbalances are best managed by finding the original source of pain as early as possible.  Both Myotherapy and Remedial Massage Therapy aim to reduce soft tissue pain, promote recovery, movement ease and facilitate natural healing.  Myotherapy is a growing and trusted healthcare profession which incorporates clinical reasoning with a skilled ‘hands on’ treatment approach. Myotherapists always consider the whole picture and encourage self-management to best support client outcomes.


Treatments include clinical assessment, consideration of your history and a management plan.  To help reach goals sooner, a course of treatment sessions may improve mobility, prevent injury and improve athletic performance. Myotherapy can be very helpful with rehabilitation after injury or surgery, as treatment can be quite specific. Sessions will always include advice and tips for self management. After treatments, you may benefit further by making adjustments to your daily lifestyle to support long term recovery. By combining education, exercise and soft tissue work intervention, most pain causing conditions can be resolved. 

Other therapists

The clinic also hosts a Reflexologist, a Clinical Psychologist, a Counsellor and other therapists from time to time.  Find out more on ‘About Us’ page, contact therapists directly for bookings, or ask next time you’re in.